What are the CLEP* Exams?

What is a CLEP Exam?

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), encompasses 33 exams you can take to get college level credits for courses without having to enrol in and complete the regular coursework for the classes. You can think of the program as allowing you to skip right to the final exam of a college course and having your entire grade based on the results of your test.

How the CLEP Exams Work

Essentially, by taking CLEP exams, you can skip classes that you feel you have a good understanding of. Many people who enter college find that first year courses are similar to what they learned in their last years of high school. By taking the CLEP exam of a given subject, you will be credited as if you had taken the entire course.

Do All Colleges Accept CLEP Credits?

Unfortunately, some colleges do not accept CLEP credits, but the good news is that almost 3000 colleges do accept them. However, some colleges only accept certain credits. The policy for colleges is usually written in their catalogs, but the best thing to do before writing any CLEP exam is to check with your professors or faculty. If you aren’t currently enrolled in a college but want to know its policies before attending the school, you should try contacting the secretary or first year advisor for the program you applied to. This will save you from discovering after the fact that the credits may not be honored by your program.

Can I Take All My First Year Courses By Testing?

This again is based on the college you will be attending. Some colleges allow an unlimited amount of CLEP credits so that you can basically CLEP your way through most first year courses. Other colleges only accept certain credits or limit the amount of total courses that you can earn college credits for through CLEP tests.

How to Study For CLEP Exams

This website is a great resource to help you study for your CLEP exams We are currently in the process of pulling together information to help you study for each exam. We are still building our content, so if we are not covering the subject you plan on taking, then please check back soon for updates and additions.

Another great way to study is by using study guides, but some are better than others at covering the content you will need to know to pass your tests. Check out the reviews of paid online study guides we have compiled to help you assess which guides will best prepare you for your tests. We are also in the process of building out our free clep study guide section.

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