How You Can Get Your CLEP* Exam For Free

Free For US Military personnel

The only sure way to get your CLEP exam for free is to be part of the United States military. All military service personnel get reimbursed for CLEP exams or don’t have to pay in the first place. For more information see our military section.

Getting Free CLEP Exams From Your Employer

If you’re not military personnel, you still may be able to write CLEP exams for free. Many employers in today’s market place will cover CLEP exam fees for their employees. If you’re uncertain of whether or not your employer covers CLEP exam fees, it’s best to check for yourself. Many employers cover such expenses yet it is still not common practice for this benefit to be utilized therefore it is relatively unknown in many workplaces.

If your work doesn’t offer this type of program then you should bring up the idea with your human resource department. Many people are simply not aware of the CLEP exams and how affordable this type of education is. Perhaps your work will only cover related exams such as the marketing or management but a free exam is a free exam so try it out.

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