Getting Homeschool College Credits with CLEP* Exams

Homeschool CLEP is becoming a popular option these days, as more and more homeschooled kids and their parents discover what a great way it is to gain access to college level courses in high school and get advanced placements when they are ready to go to college. CLEP is one of the most accessible credit-by-examination options for earning homeschool college credits. You can thus save a lot of time and money by putting your kids on the fast-track to college graduation when you homeschool CLEP.

Preparing for the CLEP Test

Incorporating the CLEP into your homeschooling can be easier than you think, if you equip your child with good study guides and preparation materials. These should detail what the exams cover, give sample questions, and provide tips on preparing and designing a course of study. All exams have a multiple-choice section, while some also have an essay section. You can check out our free study guides or reviews of paid guides to start your studying off on the right foot.

Choosing Your CLEP Tests

Take a look at the 33 CLEP exams offered and think about what CLEP exams will count towards your academic plan. Which CLEP exams are easiest and most appropriate for your child to take really depends on your child’s areas of interest and study. In general, language and basic knowledge tests, such as “Analyzing and Interpreting Literature” and “Freshman College Composition” tend to be the easiest to pass (especially if your child is already bilingual), and introductory courses like “Introductory Psychology,” “Introductory Sociology,” and “Introduction to Principles of Marketing” are also easy to prepare for.

However to give you an idea of how past CLEPers have fared, here are the easiest and most difficult CLEP exams, based on the 2008 military pass rates.

Easiest CLEP Tests

Spanish I
German I
Freshman College Composition
College Mathematics
English Composition (with essay)
Social Sciences and History
Natural Sciences
English Composition (without essay)
Information Sys and Computer Apps
French I
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
Principles of Management

Average CLEP Tests

Introductory Sociology
Principles of Macroeconomics
Introductory Psychology
History of the U.S. I
Principles of Marketing
Western Civilization I
Introduction to Educational Psychology
History of the U.S. II
Principles of Microeconomics
Western Civilization II

Difficult CLEP Tests

Human Growth and Development
Principles of Accounting
College Algebra
General Biology
American Literature

Most Difficult CLEP Tests

Introductory Business Law
English Literature
American Government
General Chemistry

Taking the CLEP Test

It’s becoming easier and more convenient to test for and earn homeschool college credits through CLEP. The College Board (the organization that owns the CLEP exams) is making the exams more accessible by working hard to encourage high schools to sign up as CLEP test centers so that students don’t have to travel all the way to colleges to take the tests.

Homeschoolers simply have to go to a local high school or college that offers the tests and take them there. CLEP tests are offered year-round, meaning that you can homeschool CLEP subjects whenever you want, rather than scheduling your studying around a particular exam date. You pay the school the required fees on the day of the test.

Handling Homeschool CLEP Transcripts

CLEP college credits are easy to record on homeschool transcripts. As The Home Scholar advises, when determining high school credit for CLEP, you can record one high school credit for each test passed with a score of 50 or more. You don’t need to count hours studying, because you can base the time credit earned on the student’s achievement on the test. A pass can be graded as an “A” or a “4.0” because it shows your child’s knowledge for a college level course that is much more difficult than the simple high school course you are grading. The exact name of the CLEP test is the name you would assign the course, for example, “Introductory Psychology” or “College Mathematics.”

Homeschool college credits are easy to attain when you homeschool CLEP, so definitely consider trying it.

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