Benefits Of DSST or Dantes Exams

DANTES exams (and DSST tests specifically) are the ideal way for military personnel to pursue their educational goals while serving their country. Offered on behalf of the US Department of Defense, DSST exams make it faster, more convenient, and affordable for service personnel to earn a college degree. With the help of DSST and CLEP tests, some have even earned two degrees as active duty personnel!

If you are a soldier deciding whether or not to take advantage of this military benefit, consider the merits:

1. “Continuing” Education

Taking DSST tests means that you don’t have to put your education on hold during your military career. You can test for college credits and earn one or more degrees while actively serving. See Sgt. First Class Jorge Guzman’s story here.

2. Fast-Track to a College Degree

Earning credits via DANTES or DSST testing can significantly cut down the time you need to complete a degree. Instead of sitting through several semesters’ worth of redundant courses, you can earn credits fast by demonstrating your proficiency in subjects you have already mastered through work, school, and life experience.

3. Free College Credits

DSST tests are funded up front for active military personnel and their spouses. This means that both you and your spouse can work toward college degrees with the DSST exams.

It is important to note, however, that the military will only pay for your first attempt at passing a DANTES test. While you have nothing to lose by taking the DSST tests cold, your chances of passing will go up considerably if you put in a few hours or evenings into studying. Guzman spent only one or two hours a night studying with InstantCert, and he was able to pass 18 CLEP and DSST tests.

And even if you do fail at your first attempt, you can retake the exams six months later for only $80. Since most three-credit college courses cost around $750, the DSST tests are a steal even when you have to pay for them.

4. Convenient Locations

Finding a place to take the DSST tests is easy, as the DSST exams are offered through the on-base and on-campus facilities of the National Testing Centers, and at more than 500 military installations. As such, no matter where you are sent, you can continue to work toward your college degree with ease.

5. Transferable Credits

You don’t have to be enrolled in a college or university to take the DSST exams. Credits earned from taking DSST tests can be transferred regardless of your college admission or enrollment status. This means that you can take the exams before even applying to a college. The exams are recognized by more than 1,900 colleges and universities. If you already have certain colleges in mind, however, you should find out which credits they accept to make sure that every exam you take will be recognized by the schools.

6. Plentiful Resources

Due to the popularity of the DANTES exams, you have lots of resources available to help you prepare for the DSST tests. There are free study guides online, some excellent print guides to review, and paid online study guides like InstantCert if you really want to use your study time efficiently.

The DANTES exams make it easier than ever for active duty service members to gain valuable educational credentials. So join the ranks of the thousands of military personnel who have taken advantage of the DSST exam benefits and use them to start racking up those college credits today!

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