DSST or DANTES Study Guides: Top Picks

Because the DANTES exams are a popular option for many students, there are quite a few resources available to help you study for the DSST tests. They range from free outlines with tips on where to focus your studying, to monthly unlimited access to a bank of services that you can pay to use for the time you need them.

Because we know that most of you are looking for options that will save you time and money, we have narrowed down the available choices to the ones we think are the most effective, affordable ways to tackle your DSST exams. Use one or all of them to give you a good grounding for passing your tests.

  1. InstantCert Academy

    InstantCert is the guide we most recommend if you plan to earn a lot of your college credits through DSST tests. InstantCert is an online study guide that lets you learn the material as you test yourself. You learn by answering practice questions and reading the explanations telling you why your response was right or wrong. It costs $20 a month to access InstantCert’s bank of questions and explanations and join its supportive community of current and former test-takers. The program offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which we think is a great opportunity to try out the services. Of all the study guides we’ve examined, InstantCert is the one that consistently helps students pass multiple exams for very little money.

  2. DSST The Official Test Preparation Guide

    This 400 page guide is an invaluable resource to help you prepare for the eight lower level DSST Business exams: Introduction to Business, Business Mathematics, Ethics in America, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Personal Finance, Principles of Financial Accounting, and Principles of Supervision. Each of the eight subjects has its own pretest, study material, and a sample exam, and many test-takers have passed their DSST tests using only this guide. We recommend combining it with subject-specific guides and InstantCert to ensure you get all the little details into your brain.

  3. www.getcollegecredit.com

    This site contains free downloadable fact sheets/study guides, general information, and statistics on the DSST tests. Each fact sheet outlines the topics covered in a specific DSST exam, the percent of the exam that each topic makes up, several sample questions, and some suggested books and resources that you can borrow from the library or buy from a bookstore to help you study further.

  4. Istudysmart

    If you feel more comfortable with studying in an actual college course at your own pace, while also saving money, then istudysmart is a great option for you. The program’s courses deliver all the information contained in a one or two semester-long college course, without the hassle of waking up early to attend morning classes and dealing with professors. You can study for these courses anywhere, because they are available in multiple formats – through the internet, on CD-ROM, or in workbooks. The courses cost 20% to 40% lower than campus tuition fees, so that you can complete college courses and save money.

  5. Tutor.com

    This site lets U.S. military personnel and their families get homework and studying help from a professional tutor whenever they need it. Students have 24/7 access to expert tutors sharing knowledge covering more than 16 subjects, as well as offering help with proofreading and test preparation. These services are available to members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and National Guard, as well as Reserve families. This is a free service that all military personnel can take advantage of.

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