Exams Together to Get More Credit

How to Use the CLEP and DSST Exams Together to Get More Credit

The CLEP and DSST exams are credit by exam tests designed to help people fast-track their way to earning college degrees. The CLEP exams cover lower level subjects and can earn you anywhere from three to six credits (see What are the CLEP Exams? for more information), while the DSST tests are generally harder but can earn you upper level credits. All the DSSTs are worth only three credits (see What are DSST Exams? for more information).

Because much of the content of certain tests is very similar and has considerable overlap, you can strategically study for and take certain CLEP and DSST exams together to save money on study resources and get more credit in even less time.

Here are some suggestions for tests you should consider taking together to get the most out of your studying.

  1. Computer subjects

Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP

Management Information Systems DSST

Introduction to Computing DSST

Because there is considerable overlap in the material covered by the three tests, you should take them closely together if your school will count them as separate electives.

  1. Math subjects

Fundamentals of College Algebra DSST

College Algebra CLEP

The two tests cover almost the same material, but the DSST version is harder.

If your college will let you count one as an elective, then you should take both.

  1. Business subjects

Principles of Supervision DSST

Principles of Management CLEP

Introduction to Business DSST

Principles of Marketing CLEP

Human Resource Management DSST

Organizational Behavior DSST

Business Ethics and Society

There is a lot of overlap between the Principles of Supervision DSST and the Principles of Management CLEP, so you should definitely take both together, as studying for one will prepare you for the other. Some of the same material is also covered in the Human Resource Management DSST. Studying for these tests within the same time period should make your studying more efficient. The Ethics in America DSST should also help you with the Business Ethics and Society DSST.

  1. Psychology subjects

Lifespan Development Psychology DSST

Human Growth and Development CLEP

Introduction to Psychology CLEP

Fundamentals of Counseling DSST

The Lifespan Development Psychology DSST and Human Growth and Development CLEP are so similar that you may only be able to get credits for one of the tests. You should check with your student advisor before you decide to sign up for both of them. Studying for the Introduction to Psychology CLEP will help you prepare for both exams, while the three tests will provide a good base for the Fundamentals of Counseling DSST.

  1. Financial Accounting subjects

Principles of Financial Accounting DSST

Financial Accounting CLEP

Principles of Finance DSST

The first two tests are so similar that most colleges do not give credit for both. If you find that this is the case, then you can see them as two chances to pass same test. You should take the Principles of Finance DSST soon after taking the other two tests if you plan to take it at all, as there is some overlap in the content.

  1. History subjects

History of the United States I CLEP

History of the United States II CLEP

The Civil War and Reconstruction DSST

Taking The Civil War and Reconstruction DSST after the two US History CLEPs is a great idea, as it covers the same time periods, and you will likely be able to reuse the same resources, which will save you money.

The CLEP and DSST tests are both designed to help you earn your college degree faster and for less money, so you should seriously consider ways to combine them to make your path to a degree even more efficient. Use our suggestions to strategically take similar exams together, and you will be able to significantly speed up earning your degree!

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