Getting Help On Your CLEP* Test

Help With Material On The CLEP Exams

This site is a great starting point if you need some help with your CLEP exam. This article will cover some of the different places that you can go to get some help studying.

The first thing you should familiarize yourself with is what exactly you will need to know for the CLEP exam. First check our free study guides and see if the exam you are looking for is listed. Here you will find information on what you need to be studying as well as additional resources. If the exam you are looking for is not there then check out the College Board website. The College Board administers the CLEP exams and you will find lots of helpful information there.

Getting Free Help From Your College

A great resource for learning about the CLEP exams is within the college that you are currently or planning to attend. Find out who your first year advisor is and she will be able to point you towards some study material and other useful resources. She may also have some free study guides that you will be able to borrow.

Free Online Help For The CLEP Test

A great resource for studying is online. Start off in the free study guide section but after this use your favorite search engine to find other free resources on the internet. You can also use wikipedia and search for the subject you are writing. You can pass most of the CLEP exams by using the free resources available on the internet. However, it is recommended you get some type of study guide to test your knowledge before writing the real exam. If you can easily pass the practice tests then you should have no problem with the real thing.

Using Study Guides Too Help With The CLEP Exams

A lot of different study guides are available for the CLEP exams. Although many of these guides can help you study the material their main use is the practice tests that come with pretty much all of them. This site has a section that reviews online study guides. One thing to note is that unless you request it beforehand you will be writing the CLEP exam on a computer so the online guides can get you use too using the computer. On the other hand the CLEP Official Study Guide 2012 is only available in book form and is the only guide that is endorsed by the College Board.

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