Writing Multiple Choice Tests

Complete The Easy Questions First

One of the worst things you can do is run out of time and have questions you never even attempted. When you come to a question that you feel is hard skip it and try the next one. Do this method until you get to the end of the test then start going through the harder questions. Start with the easiest of the harder questions and then continue in this pattern. This method not only makes sure you get all the questions done but can also gives you confidence because you have been answering questions and this can calm some of your test anxiety.

Plan Your Time And Stick To It

Always have a time frame of how long you will spend on a section or question. If it turns out that a question or section is taking much too long skip it and come back later. This helps to make sure you get all the questions finished. Most of the CLEP multiple choice exams value all the questions the same so it is in your best interest to answer all that you can.

Read Questions Carefully

Many multiple choice questions are designed to have tricks within the question itself. Read the question and see if you can find any hints that will help you answer or at least get rid of a few of the potential choices.

Eliminate Choices

Make sure you eliminate any choices that you know are totally wrong. Many times their will be a mix of answers that are way off and then a couple that are close to the real answer. If you can eliminate the ones that are really wrong then at the very least you can guess between the close answers.

When You Are Totally Lost….Guess

When you have no idea then go for the guess. The first thing to do is to eliminate any choices that seem way off and then choose a method to take a guess. I use inny meenie minie mo but any method will work. If you’re leaning towards an answer then pick that one of course.

Try To Leave Time To Review

Although not always possible it is best to have time to review your answers. Go over the entire test, time permitting, and see if any of your answers seem really wrong. Often at the end of the test your anxiety may be less so your brain works a little better. One thing though is to not change an answer if you are not completely sure. Often people change an answer on a whim and it turns out they were right the first time. Only change answers you are completely sure are wrong.

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