Costs of the CLEP* Exams

CLEP* Exam Costs

Although CLEP exams are a great way to save money, due to not having to pay course fees, they are not free and usually there are other costs associated with taking the test.

Main Cost Of The CLEP Exams

The biggest expense you will have in writing a CLEP exam will be paying for the exam itself. Each test that you want to take costs at least $77. This fee is standard and goes to the college board that administers the test. However, each college is also allowed to charge an administration fee. These administration fees are usually around $15, as that is what is recommended, but it is worth your while to check with your college to make sure the administration fees are not higher. Usually you should expect to pay around $85 to write one CLEP exam.

Secondary Costs Of CLEP Exam

The other cost that comes with writing the CLEP exam is buying study material. You can think of these costs as similar to having to buy books for your classes. You are essentially taking a full course so don’t complain. You can do a lot of studying online but I would recommend getting a study guide to test yourself before taking the exam.

Not all study guides are created equal and that’s why we’ve set up our review section that covers online study guides. The top reviewed study guide is Instantcert Academy. You can see their reviews as well as reviews for other study guides in our paid CLEP study guide review section.

Paper And Pencil Tests

These days all the CLEP exams are taken over a computer. This is not to say they are taken over the internet but you will be tested electronically tested at your test location. If however you would feel more comfortable writing a traditional Paper and Pencil exam then this will cost you around $120 in administration charges. Another point I should make is that paper and pencil tests are not available for all subject. Check with your test center well in advance to make sure your test is available.

Military Costs

If you are presently serving in the military or are a veteran please see our military information section on this site. The military has a great program set up for the CLEP exams and much of the costs will be paid for you.

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