CLEP* Exams During High School

If you are planning to start college in the fall, then the CLEP exams can be a great way to get credit for some of your first year courses. If you took advanced level courses during high school, then you may already know most, if not all, of what will be taught in your first year college courses. Even if you didn’t take advanced courses, you should still have no problem studying for the CLEP exams and getting a passing grade.

Learning about the CLEP

The first thing you’ll need to do is familiarize yourself with what the CLEP exams are. Check out some of the other articles on this site, such as What are the CLEP Exams? for an overview or the benefits of the CLEP exams. You can also go to the official CLEP site for more information. One thing to remember is to check the policy of the college you will be attending. Different colleges have different policies on CLEP exams, and may differ in terms of which CLEP exams they will accept, as well as the score they require for a passing grade. These policies are often published on college websites, but you may have to contact your college to get all the details. Make sure to talk to your guidance counsellor, who will have helpful information and may help point you to where you can write the exams.

Studying For the Exam

A lot of resources are available to help you study for your CLEP exams. We have one section that reviews paid study guides. You can also check out our free study guides, where we are putting together free study notes to help you pass your exams. You can get most of your studying done via the internet, and then pick up a study guide with practice questions to test your knowledge.

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