Statistical Events

Events must be understood for you to get any of the questions. Basically any statistic problem you will face on the CLEP* exam with be an event. So if you were rolling dice then rolling any number would be an event. So rolling a 6 would be an event or rolling any of the other possible numbers. In fact when their is only one point, such as rolling a 6, then these types of events are called Simple events. This is in contrast to compound events which would be throwing an even number when rolling a di. Since you could roll a 2, 4, or a 6 then this would be a compound event.

External Website Resources

Take a look at the following websites to find out what an event is and the difference between simple and compound events.

Event and other statistical terms

This site can get into rather complex probability but if you understand it all you should be fine with most of the probability questions. My suggestion is to at least look over the basic concepts at the top as they explain events and the difference between simple and compound events.

Practice questions on random events

This site has 4 experiments that show you how to approach problems dealing with random events such as dice. There are also 5 free practice questions.

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