Complex Numbers

Complex numbers deal with imaginary numbers that come from taking the square root of negative numbers. This can be a little hard to get your head around but there is usually at least a couple of questions on complex numbers.

Purple Math On Complex Numbers

This site goes through 3 pages of explaining what complex numbers are and how you can manipulate them. This is a great tutorial and if you digest everything that is here then you should be fine for the exam.

Learn Complex Numbers

This site is mostly examples but can help you see what the other tutorials are talking about. The site also has a complex number calculator which you can play with in order to get a better feel for complex numbers.

I Love Complex Numbers

Well i can't say i share the same enthusiasm that this person has for complex numbers but they do an alright job explaining them. They also have some graphing of complex numbers. As far as I know you will not need to know about graphing complex numbers but it may help people understand them better.

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