Logs And Exponents

Basics Of Exponents

If you don't understand exponents then this is a great place to begin. The language is pretty clear and it also covers all the rules that you will need when working with exponents.

Beginners Guide To Logarithms

This site is a great place to start as it reviews the history of logarithms and why they can be useful. It then goes on to review the exponential rules and then continues on to logarithms. Great use of graphs to help explain the concepts and written in an easy to understand language.

Upper Level Logarithm Review

This review covers a little more then you will need to know for the CLEP exams but you should be able to understand pretty much all of it. However, you should be able to understand most of what is on this page so if your totally lost keep studying those logs.

Tutorial And Practice Questions On Logarithms

This page is for chemistry students, which shows one of many epplications that logarithms have, but has a general tutorial and practice questions that can be useful for anyone. If your just looking for the practice questions just scroll to the the bottom of the page but don't peak at the answers!

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