Parallel Perpendicular

These are pretty easy concepts but you should know the basics of how to identify equations that are parallel and perpendicular. Not a a huge part of the exam but should be easy to learn if you've figured out equations and graphing. 

Parallel Lines

Simply put two lines that run next to each other are parallel. So the following two lines are parallel || . In fact this line of text is parallel to the line above it. It doesn't matter in which direction the lines are going, only that they are beside each other and going in the same directions. So the following lines are parallel // as well as these \\ .

Perpendicular Lines

Perpendicular lines cross each other at a right angle or 90 degrees. So the the plus sign + has two perpendicular lines. 

Tutorial and Practice Problems

Great tutorial on parallel and perpendicular lines. Goes into quite some details with equations and also some graphs.

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