6. Chemical nature of the gene

Watson-Crick model of nucleic acids

Watson-Crick Definition

This page is a small tutorial on the Watson-crick model. At the bottom of the page you can also find a practice problem to test your knowledge.

DNA replication

DNA Replication Tutorial

Combines a short written description of DNA replication with an animation that helps you visualize how it all works. There is also a short quiz to test yourself afterward’s.

DNA Replication Tutorial 2

This is a continuation of the tutorial on the Watson-crick model. Overall this site is a good resource for the last part of this section.


Mutation Tutorial

This page has a very thorough tutorial on mutations. Includes pictures and is pretty easy to understand.

Control of protein synthesis

Cliff Note Tutorial

CliffsNotes provides good tutorials on protein synthesis. Covers a lot of the basic knowledge you will need for this section.

Longer Tutorial On Protein Synthesis

A little more comprehensive but still easy to understand if you have been studying the previous sections.

Structural and regulatory genes

Wiki On Regulatory Genes

Wikipedia offers a pretty in depth page on gene regulation. More information then you will need for the CLEP is here but a good page none the less.


Wiki On transformation

Wikipedia’s description of transformation.


Cell Virus Tutorial

Short description of what a virus is and how they are created.

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