3. Structure and function in animals

Major systems

For this part of this section we’re turning to the online biology book exclusively. As usual they offer very in depth pages on all aspects of vertebrae major systems. However, I have taken the time to outline the different pages you will need for this section.

| Digestive | Gas Exchange | Skeletal | Nervous| Circulatory| Excretory| Immune|

Homeostatic mechanisms

Homeostatic Mechanisms Tutorial
This site can sometime be a little hard to understand as it does not hold back on the biology language.
Simple Homeostasis Tutorial
This short tutorial is very easy to understand but still will provide you with the general idea of homeostasis. This tutorial also teaches you the difference between negative and positive feedback loops.
Homeostasis Page

This page is a good page as it shows what needs to be regulated and also what part of the body is involved in their regulation. This page also shows some of the diseases that can throw homeostasis out of balance.

Hormonal control in homeostasis and reproduction

Biology Book Online Hormonal
I realize that you are tired of going back to the biology book and are wondering why you don’t just use that site exclusively for the biology CLEP exam. Well if you did then you would probably do pretty good as it is a great site. Once again I am sending you there to learn about hormones and how they are involved in homeostasis.

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