4. Animal reproduction and development

Gamete formation, fertilization

Gamete Formation

This site has a good tutorial on gamete formation and fertilization. If you want to look at the pictures then copy and paste the URL’s that they are referencing. This is a pretty good tutorial although quite a bit of advertising on the page and would be better if pictures were not broken.

Yahoo Answer on Gametes

A short answer from yahoo that briefly define gamete formation, fertilization and some other terms you will need to know for this section.

Cleavage, gastrulation, germ layer formation, differentiation of organ systems

Vocabulary For Section

This page has a list of vocabulary words that you will probably come across in this section. A good reference guide for all the stuff you will be reading in these topics. This site also has some practice questions to help you study.

Online Biology Book

You may have already read this page in a previous section but at the bottom it covers the rest of cleavage and the other topics you should be studying.

Experimental analysis of vertebrate development

Extraembryonic membranes of vertebrates

Formation and function of the mammalian placenta

Class Notes On Vocabulary

This page is mainly point form but goes over the vocabulary you will need for these topics in a thorough manner.

Pink Money On Reproduction

Pinkmonkey has a good guide on reproduction that covers some of the topics you will need for this section.

Blood circulation in the human embryo

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