2. Principles of evolution

History of evolutionary concepts

Wiki On Energy In Ecosystems

This page has a great interactive tutorial on the entire history of evolutionary thought. Click on the different layers on the tree to zoom in. Darwin and Lamarckian are within the middle section of the tree but the entire site is very interesting.

Modern concepts of natural selection

Natural Selection Page

This is a basic site on natural selection that is a great place to start if you are un-familiar with this topic. Does not cover all the topics needed but is good to get an idea of natural selection.

Answers.com On Energy Flow

This wikianswer covers the hardy-weinberg equilibrium in a lot of detail.

Punctuated Equilibrium

This site covers speciation and punctuated equilibrium.

Adaptive radiation

Adaptive Radiation

The online biology book has a good tutorial on adaptive radiation.

Major features of plant and animal evolution

Plant Evolution

This page covers the major evolution changes that have occurred over plant evolution such as seeds.

Animal Evolution

The page above covers a lot of what you will need to know about animal evolution. It starts about 650 million years in the past and continues up to modern primates.

Concepts of homology and analogy

Homology and Analogy

This is a great page that is fairly easy to understand. It covers the concept of homology and analogy.

Convergence, extinction, balanced polymorphism, genetic drift

Terms On evolution

This page covers all these terms but can be a bit hard to understand as it is only in point form and does not go into too much detail. Would have liked to have found another site for this section but it is a hard tutorial to find. However a lot of these terms can be found throughout the other tutorials.

Classification of living organisms

Wiki on hierarchy

Wikipedia has a good page that explains the different hierarchy of biological classification. You can learn the history but a lot of the major ranks of the hierarchy.

Evolutionary history of humans

Smithsonian on history of humans

This page is from the Smithsonian so you know it is going to be detailed. It covers a lot of stuff so you are going to have to pick and choose the pages that are relevant. However there are lots of great articles on here and it is all very interesting.

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