5. Principles of Heredity

Mendelian inheritance

Mendel Site

Here is a website all about mendel. There is a lot of information here but most of it is about mendel the person. If you want to get a FULL grasp on who Mendel was and what he did take a look at this page. This will be a little too much for most people.

Alien Mendal tutorial

A fun tutorial on mendel involving the breeding of aliens. I know it sounds weird but it is actually quite a good tutorial and they are just using aliens instead of peas to make it more interesting.

Short Mendal Tutorial

This tutorial short but you should be able to get the basics of mendal’s principles. Some good pictures can help you understand the material a little better.

Chromosomal basis of inheritance

Chromosomal Inheritance

This site has a 5 page tutorial on chromosomal basis of inheritance which also covers some of the next section.

Linkage, including sex-linked

Sex Linked Chromosomes

This page has a short tutorial which shows how flies have sex-linked inheritance.

Polygenic inheritance

Ploygenetic Inheritance

This tutorial goes into a little too much depth for the CLEP exam but you should still be able to understand what polygenetic inheritance is and how it works. This is taken from a biology 1000 class so if you had taken this class you would have had to learn all this.

Multiple alleles

Yahoo Answer Multiple Alleles

This page is a yahoo answer page which can give you a good idea of what multiple alleles are and also some examples to help you visualize it.

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