Sample American Government CLEP* Test

Here are some free sample CLEP American Government questions to help you study. Keep in mind that you knowing the answers to these does not mean you are ready to take the exam. These are just a small sample of the types of questions you may encounter.

1. The three branches of government are:

a. Military, Civil, Judicial
b. Judicial, Executive, Legislative
c. Local, State, Federal
d. Executive, Legislative, Martial
e. Legislative, Executive, Education

2. Which of the following does the Fourth Amendment guard against?

a. Soldier being quartered in a house without consent from the owner
b. Slavery in all forms
c. Government gun control
d. Unreasonable search and seizures by the government
e. Religious prosecution

3. What is the main method used to choose delegates for the Republican and Democratic national conventions?

a. Members of the senate vote on it
b. A lottery with all potential candidates
c. Primaries
d. State-wide caucuses
e. Proportional national voting

4. Who nominates Supreme Court justices?

a. President
b. Congress
c. Senate
d. Judicial
e. American Judges Association

5. The difference that exists between male and female voting patterns is known as:

a. Gender Gap
b. Gender Voting Theory
c. Gender Politics
d. Women’s Intuition
e. Partisan Politics

6. In which case was the power of judicial review established?

a. Plessy v. Ferguson
b. Miranda v. Arizona
c. Roe v. Wade
d. Marbury v. Madison
e. Powell v. Alabama

7. Which of the following does Congress NOT do?

a. Pass laws
b. Decide how to spend money
c. Shape foreign policy
d. Approve Judges
e. Administrate the state bureaucracy

8. When a “critical” or “realigning” election takes place, which of the following happened?

a. One party gets a majority in Congress and the presidency
b. A lasting change in party coalitions
c. An election during wartime
d. Voter turnout is above 50%
e. A party breaks up after the election

9. Which amendment protects freedom of speech and freedom of religion?

a. Second
b. Fifth
c. Tenth
d. First
e. Seventh

10. Which of the following cases was a landmark decision regarding abortion?

a. Plessy v. Ferguson
b. Roe v. Wade
c. Gates v. Collier
d. Katz v. United States
e. Miranda v. Arizona


1. B
2. D
3. C
4. A
5. A
6. D
7. E
8. B
9. D
10. B

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