Sample Principles Of Marketing CLEP* Questions

Here are some sample Principles of Marketing CLEP exam questions to help you study. Keep in mind that these are only a selection of questions similar to the ones that you may find on the test. You should not use them to indicate your readiness for taking the exam, but instead view them as supplementary study questions.

1. Which of the following is NOT part of the marketing mix?

a. Price
b. Product
c. Place
d. Packaging
e. Promotion

2. You just received a new shipment of TVs for $50 each. If you wanted a 30 percent mark-up on the selling price, what would you charge the consumer?

a. $71
b. $65
c. $55
d. $90
e. Cannot be determined

3. What is the major advantage to distributing your product by truck?

a. Cheap fuel costs
b. Accessibility to delivery locations
c. Can ship multiple types of products
d. Cheap labor costs
e. Speed of product delivery

4. Which of the following markets would need to rely heavily on a promotional mix with heavy emphasis personal selling?

a. Computers
b. Pens
c. Furniture
d. Disability insurance
e. Frozen fish sticks

5. Jon runs a coffee shop and offers a card whereby if you buy 10 coffees you get one free. This type of discount is called:

a. Trade rate discount
b. Cumulative quantity discount
c. Promotional discount
d. Loyalty discount
e. Sliding scale discount

6. When you pay for goods with other goods instead of money, this is called:

a. Monetary
b. Aggregate
c. Swap
d. Barter
e. Affiliate

7. What are the three strategic options of distribution intensity?

a. Exclusive, intensive, selective
b. Exclusive, concentrated, selective
c. Selective, integrated, exclusive
d. Concentrated, exclusive, intensive
e. Extensive, exclusive, intensive

8. If I only wanted to target the age group between 18 to35, this would be what type of market segmentation?

a. Geographic
b. Demographic
c. Ageism
d. Psychographic
e. Socio-graphic

9. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of direct marketing?

a. Personal
b. Geographic targeting
c. Easily measured results
d. Rapid delivery
e. Targets general audience

10. What is the name of the idea that a large percentage of a product’s sales revenues come from a relatively small, loyal customer base.

a. Loyalty first principle
b. Customer quality principle
c. Most from few principle
d. Customer base technique
e. 80/20 principle


1. D
2. A
3. B
4. D
5. B
6. D
7. A
8. B
9. E
10. E

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