Sample CLEP** Introductory Psychology Questions

Here are some free sample Introductory Psychology CLEP questions. While they certainly do not cover everything you will need to know for the exam, they are a good way to review your knowledge of the material.

1. Which type of approach would I be following if I believed we act based on rewards and punishments?

a. Cognitive
b. Compensation
c. Heuristic
d. Behaviorism
e. Dependent

2. Which of the following would probably bring you to an altered state of consciousness?

a. Drinking alcohol
b. Sleeping
c. Playing chess
d. Daydreaming
e. Thinking about a problem

3. What is the biochemical substance used to carry information between neurons?

a. Kinetic energy
b. Hippocampus
c. Neurotransmitter
d. Depolarization
e. Axons

4. How many pairs of chromosomes are in most human cells?

a. 24
b. 17
c. 23
d. 18
e. 27

5. Which is the deepest state of sleep, and often includes rapid eye movement?

a. Theta
b. Delta
c. REM
d. SWS
e. EMG

6. Johnny recently moved to a new town and got a new phone number. After memorizing it, he found that it was hard to remember his old number. This situation can best be seen as an example of what?

a. Proactive interference
b. Output interference
c. Retroactive interference
d. Short-term memory
e. Memory interference

7. When she was young, Mary suffered a traumatic experience but has blocked this for several years. Under psychoanalysis this experience was discovered. What is this type of memory called?

a. Hidden
b. Cathexis
c. Sublimation
d. Removed
e. Repressed

8. Which of the following would be considered a secondary reinforcer?

a. Sex
b. Sleep
c. Food
d. Money
e. Water

9. Which syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome?

a. Hunter syndrome
b. Down syndrome
c. Cushing’s syndrome
d. Feingold syndrome
e. Asperger syndrome

10. Which task would definitely require someone to use serial learning?

a. Memorizing the quickest route to the mall
b. Memorizing a grocery list
c. Memorizing someone’s name and face
d. Studying for a CLEP test
e. Teaching a dog how to sit


1. D

2. A

3. C

4. C

5. C

6. C

7. E

8. D

9. B

10. A

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