Sample CLEP** Human Growth and Development Test Questions

Here are some sample practice questions for the Human Growth and Development CLEP exam. These are taken from across the wide variety of subjects that are covered on the exam, so please do not take these as a total test of your knowledge.

1. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of children with autism?

a. Limited or no attention to social stimuli
b. Compulsive behavior
c. Language impairment
d. Low intelligence
e. Difficulty in building and maintaining friendships

2. If a study is carried out throughout the life of the same subject, measuring an effect as the subject reaches specific ages, it is known as a _____ study.

a. Lifetime
b. Experimental
c. Clinical
d. Observational
e. Longitudinal

3. Which of the following is Jean Piaget’s term for the ability to take in information and perceptions that are compatible with a person’s understanding of the world?

a. Assimilation
b. Acceptance
c. Self-actualization
d. Projection
e. Rationalization

4. Which of the following would likely trigger the Moro reflex in an infant?

a. A hug
b. A loud noise
c. Being pushed in a carriage
d. Breastfeeding
e. A new person entering the room

5. Hemophilia is a common type of which disorder?

a. Sex-linked dominant disorder
b. Autosomal recessive disorder
c. Autosomal dominant disorder
d. Sex-linked recessive disorder
e. Reciprocal cross disorder

6. What of the following is the LEAST developed sense at birth?

a. Hearing
b. Touch
c. Smell
d. Sight
e. Taste

7. Which theory emphasizes the ability to think in an internal/conscious manner?

a. Cognitive
b. Self-actualization
c. Rationalization
d. Mental
e. Neuroplasticity

8. What is the term for the procedure in which fluid from an expecting mother’s uterus is taken in order to determine if the baby has any genetic anomalies?

a. Ultrasound
b. Chronic Villi Sampling
c. Amniocentesis
d. Hormonal tests
e. Kleihauer-Betke test

9. Research in children with no other sibling has shown which of the following results?

a. Increased social abilities
b. Improvement in school grades
c. Decreased social abilities
d. Low self-esteem
e. Increased likelihood of developing ADHD

10. Which of the following would be the most detrimental for an infant’s brain development?

a. Lack of sensory stimulation
b. No bottle feeding
c. Single parent environment
d. Spoiling the baby with toys
e. Loud music


1. D
2. E
3. A
4. B
5. D
6. D
7. A
8. C
9. B
10. A

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