Where To Take Military CLEP* Exams

CLEP for Those at Home

If you’re stationed at home and are by a local college, you will most likely be able to take your CLEP exam on campus. CLEP test centers will require you to bring your military ID in order for you to get the admission charge for free. However, CLEP test centers on college campuses have a registration fee that you will have to pay. Usually, these fees are around $15, but they can be higher for some colleges. Check with the center before taking the test to find out the exact amount they charge. You should also note that some centers only allow students attending the college to take CLEP tests. To find an exam center near you that lets military personnel take the tests, you can go to the CLEP test Center search on the College Board’s site.

CLEP Exams for Those on Military Bases

Many military bases now have CLEP test centers that allow you to take tests right on the base. The easiest way to find out if your base offers such a program is to talk to your educational services officer, who can help you with the entire process of the CLEP exams and will often have educational materials to help you study. Another good point of taking the test at a military base is that it will be completely free for you, as there is no college registration fee.

DANTES Testing Centers

The final place where you can take CLEP exams is at a DANTES education center. This is not the best option, as these testing sites do not have all of the exams. Also, the exams you can write there will use a paper and pencil format, which means it will be 2 to 3 weeks before you get your marks, while you can get your marks from the other two centers instantly. However, this is a viable option if you do not have access to the two other options. Again, you should speak to your educational services officer to find the best center and get information about the exam and study materials.

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