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Finish College Fast, which also runs the site selling the same product, offers study guides in most CLEP subjects. All of the guides include questions, answers, and flash cards for studying on the go. The flash cards are a great addition for studying on the bus or anywhere else that you have a free minute. All of these are online so you can get access to them immediately and start studying today.

Finish College Fast also has a pass or don't pay guarantee. If you end up studying with them and fail your exam then they will refund the full cost.

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Overall Rating: 3.4 / 5
The following subjects are offered:

| Principles of MacroEconomics | English | Introductory Business Law | French | Spanish | Biology | U.S. History I | English Composition | U.S. History II | German | Chemistry | Introductory Sociology | Western Civilization I | Calculus | Human Growth and Development | Information Systems and Computer Applications | Principles of Management | Introductory Psychology | Principles of MicroEconomics | Principles of Marketing | Western Civilization II | American Government | Humanities | College Mathematics |

User reviews of Finish College Fast or acetheclep

Posted by: Charles Miller
Pros: Good Customer Service
Cons: Not that helpful for real exam


study guide was not very helpful and I didn't pass, but they refunded the full amount

Posted by: bkstg99
Pros: Excellent & Comprehensive


This study guide is very easy to follow and helped me pass my CLEP. Highly reccommended I will definitly use these resources in the future. Thank you for an excellent product.

Posted by: Cut
Pros: Easy to read
Cons: Did not help for real exam


Although the study guides were easy to follow and I retained the information very well, the study guides were no help for the exam. Of course, I have requested a refund (as per their written guarantee) but they have not responded to any of my emails. Unfortunately, I cannot find a phone number or physical address on their website. If you want to prepare for the exam, look elsewhere and do not waste your time with their study guides.

Posted by: colstdt
Pros: Excellent product easy to follow
Cons: Need more courses


This study guide was excellent! It was very easy to follow and had great test questions and also I loved the flashcards. I passed my Ethics CLEP and my US History with my limited knowledge and this CLEP study guide. Very good and highly recommended. Thanks!

Posted by: Tman
Pros: none
Cons: everything


Obviously I don't like it. I paid for a download of the "Intro to computing" study guide. After paying, the link to the product was emailed as advertised BUT it was a bad link, had an error mx directing me to an email address from which I am still awaiting a response. There is no phone number or human being that stands behind this product when it doesn't work - only and email address for "tech support". I hate it! The only reason I did it this way (downloading) is because I need it now - not in a few days. Caution! You have been warned.

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