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CLEP Study Spot: Free Resources to Help You Pass Your CLEP Tests

If you’re looking for a good, free resource to help you study for your CLEP test, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve created this “Study Spot” to give you a go-to place to learn what you need to know to prepare for and pass your CLEP exam. Think of us as friends who’ve been in the same boat and want to help you succeed as well.

For each of the CLEP subjects we currently feature, we bring you the following help:

  • A general description of what to expect for your test, so you won’t be caught by surprise on your exam day
  • A breakdown of how marks are allocated for the exam, by topic, so that you can study only what’s important
  • Our tips on how to best prepare for your particular CLEP test
  • Our free study guides, containing only relevant, examinable information. All the notes on our site cover topics and subtopics that could possibly show up on your actual CLEP test.
  • Practice tests, with questions and answers so that you can gauge how ready you are to take your CLEP test.
  • Our study spot is under continual construction – we are constantly expanding our notes to bring you more time-saving content. Check back often for new study materials. If you can't find what your looking for here and are willing to pay then check out our reviews of paid study guides.

    The top ranked guide is Instantcert Academy and they have paid study guides for almost all of the CLEP exams. Just to be up front we do make money if you click through the links and buy the study guides but we do not manipulate the reviews in any way. If you do then thank you as you are helping us earn some money so we can continue to build out our free study guides.

    Currently, we feature free study guides for the following subjects:

    History and Social Sciences

    Science and Mathematics

    If we do not currently cover the subject you are interested in studying, check our reviews of paid study guides to find out what we recommend – and what we recommend you avoid – for more resources to help you pass your CLEP test. As mentioned before the study guide with the best reviews is Instantcert Academy and they cover almost all of the CLEP exams.

    You can also check out the general tips.

    Good luck!