Free Humanities CLEP* Exam Study Guide

General Description

The Humanities CLEP exam covers a huge amount of knowledge, and is one of the harder CLEP exams to study for. It covers everything from art, music, dance, film, and theatre, to poetry, prose, and philosophy.

There are three types of questions you can expect to find, with the following frequencies:

  • Factual Information (identifying authors and their works) – 50%
  • Technique Identification (painting styles, rhyme schemes, etc.) – 30%
  • Interpretation of Art and Literature – 20%

Mark Allocation

The Humanities CLEP exam is broken into two main sections, which are then broken into subsections. The sections and subsections are as follows:

Literature – 50%

  • Drama –10%
  • Poetry – 10-15%
  • Fiction – 15-20%
  • Nonfiction – 10%

The Arts – 50%

  • Visual arts: painting, sculpture, etc. – 20%
  • Visual arts: architecture – 5%
  • Performing arts: music – 15%
  • Performing arts: film, dance, etc. – 10%

How to Study for the CLEP Humanities Exam

Studying for the Humanities CLEP exam is difficult, to say the least. It is an incredibly broad exam, and it is rare that any one person would know everything on the test. A smart way to prepare for this exam is to study for and take the English Literature CLEP and the American Literature CLEP exams first. These will prepare you for half of the Humanities CLEP test, because 50% of the exam covers literature.

You can also look at how the marks are broken down and make sure you have in-depth knowledge in a few areas and general knowledge in the others. You might want to focus on knowing your fiction, visual arts, and music content well and spend less time on studying the other sections, for example.

In general, this exam is a tricky one to study for, so pick up a study guide or check out our paid guide review section for help. We especially recommend checking out Instantcert Academy to study for the Humanities CLEP test, because its focused questions make studying for this broad test manageable and targeted.

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