Free Introductory Sociology CLEP* Exam Study Guide

General Description

The Introductory Sociology CLEP exam covers the basic information you would learn in a first year Introductory Sociology class. The exam focuses mainly on testing your knowledge of basic sociology facts and concepts as well as general theoretical approaches used by sociologists. You do not need to have a highly specialized knowledge of the subject to pass the test. The exam consists of approximately 100 questions to be answered in 90 minutes.

Test questions require you to demonstrate that you can do the following:

  • Identify specific names, facts, and concepts from sociological literature
  • Understand relationships between concepts, empirical generalizations, and theoretical propositions of sociology
  • Understand the methods by which sociological relationships are established
  • Apply the concepts, propositions, and methods to hypothetical situations
  • Interpret tables and charts

Mark Allocation

The Introductory Sociology CLEP exam is divided into five main sections and further subsections. The sections are as follows:

Social stratification (process and structure) – 30%

  • Aging
  • Social class
  • Power and social inequality
  • Sex and gender roles
  • Professions and occupations
  • Social mobility
  • Race and ethnic relations

Social processes – 20%

  • Social change
  • Socialization
  • Social interaction
  • Collective behavior and social movements
  • Groups and organizations
  • Culture
  • Deviance and social control

Institutions – 20%

  • Family
  • Economic
  • Medical
  • Educational
  • Religious
  • Political

Social patterns – 15%

  • Human ecology
  • Demography
  • Rural/urban patterns
  • Community

The sociological perspective – 15%

  • Sociological theory
  • History of sociology
  • Methods

How to Study for the CLEP Introductory Sociology Exam

The easiest way to study for the Introductory Sociology CLEP test is to pick up any first year college-level sociology book and read through it. Many books contain all you will need to know for the exam. However, if you don’t have the time to go through and memorize a thick textbook, or if you feel you need to make sure you really have your material down, then you can look through our sociology Guide Reviews section to find a resource that better suits your needs. InstantCert Academy is the resource that we have found to consistently receive the highest ratings from test-takers who have used it to study for their CLEP tests, so if you want to be extra-certain that you will pass your test on your first shot, we recommend signing up to study with its practice tests.

We want to mention that we do make a few dollars when you sign up for a paid guide using one of our links, but please note that the reviews we provide are unaltered and honest, and are something we have included so you can decide for yourself if you might benefit from using these additional resources to study for your CLEP tests.