Free Principles of Marketing CLEP* Exam Study Guide

General Description

The Principles of Marketing CLEP exam is generally considered one of the easiest CLEP exams to study for and pass, so it’s a great one to challenge if you plan to earn a lot of your college credits through CLEP exams.

You will have 90 minutes to answer approximately 100 questions covering the material that is normally taught in a one-semester introductory marketing course. The questions will also test your knowledge of trends that affect marketing, including technological, political, social, cultural, economic, legal, and demographic factors.

Mark Allocation

The Principles of Marketing CLEP exam covers 4 main sections, which are broken down into further subsections. The main sections are as follows:

Role of Marketing in Society – 8-13%

Role of Marketing in a Firm – 17-24%

Target Marketing – 22-27%

Marketing Mix – 40-50%

How to Study for the Principles of Marketing CLEP Exam

Almost half of your total mark is based on your knowledge of the marketing mix, so make sure you spend a good chunk of your study time reviewing this category. There are a lot of marketing terms to learn, so if you can get the definitions of the basic ones down then you should be able to make it through the exam with at least a pass.