Free US History 2 CLEP* Exam Study Guide

General Description

The US History 2 CLEP exam covers the events in America from 1865 to the present. This course starts from the end of US History 1 and basically covers the end of the American Civil War. Most of the questions will be on the twentieth century, covering such topics as the world wars, the civil rights movement, and other modern events.

Mark Allocation

The US History 2 CLEP exam is broken up in the following way, with 70% of the questions focusing on events that occurred after 1915.

Political institutions, behavior, and public policy – 35%

Social developments – 25%

Economic developments-- 10%

Cultural and intellectual developments – 15%

Diplomacy and international relations – 15%

How to Study for the US History 2 CLEP Exam

If you have taken US History 1, then you may already have a textbook that covers this timeframe as well. If not, look for textbooks that cover the timeframe. Spend more of your time studying the period after 1915, as it accounts for more than half of the testable content.