Free College Mathematics CLEP * Exam Study Guide

General Description

If you paid attention in your high school math class, then preparing for this test shouldn’t take too much time. In theory, you should have learned most of what you’ll need to know for this test in high school, but then again, who was paying attention? One major thing you’ll need to focus on is to understand the terms that are used. We have developed a page with most of the terms you’ll need to know for your CLEP math test. You should make sure you are familiar with all of these terms. If you are not good at basic arithmetic, you won’t need to worry too much, as this test focuses more on your general understanding of math concepts (such as sets or fractions) rather than on your ability to divide numbers.

Mark Allocation

The College Mathematics CLEP exam is broken into six main sections. They are each worth the following percentage of your final mark:

  • Sets – 10%
  • Logic – 10%
  • Real Number System – 20%
  • Functions and Their Graphs – 20%
  • Probability and Statistics – 25%
  • Additional Topics – 15%

How to Study for the CLEP College Math Exam

As with any of the CLEP tests, use the multiple choice format to your advantage. This is especially true with the CLEP Math test, as it is often easy to eliminate one or more choices even if you only partially understand the problem. When you are absolutely stuck, eliminate any obvious wrong answers, and then make your best guess. One of the best tips that we can give is to learn all of your math vocabulary. If you understand all of your terms, such as rational numbers, then you will be able to answer many of the multiple choice questions. Knowing your terms will at least allow you to eliminate one or more of the wrong answers in most questions.

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